The McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® was founded by Robin McKenzie, a physiotherapist from New Zealand.  It is not only a method of treatment, but also a powerful assessment tool.  A short history and screen can identify patients who are likely to respond to the principles of the McKenzie method.  

Therapists utilizing this method aim to classify musculoskeletal pain and educate patients on treatment options based on utilizing a series of specifically prescribed exercises.  Often times these exercises include repeated movements or sustained positioning that aim to reduce, centralize, or completely abolish pain.  The ultimate goal of McKenzie practitioners is to educate patients to be able to treat themselves without continual supervision from the clinician, allowing for fewer patient visits. 

McKenzie methods are best known for treating ailments of the cervical and lumbar vertebral discs which often result in shooting or radiating pain into the shoulder blade and arm, or along the sciatic nerve, respectively.  For more information, see the following link: