Synergy Functional Fit is now open!

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Inspired by YOU…

The Doctors at Synergy over the years have treated many injuries stemming from one common issue: not moving well. This could be improper form at the gym or during sports, but more often than that, it has been form in daily activities that is not ideal or safe for the body. Unfortunately, we are not moving well and we are not moving safely. Synergy is excited to announce the newest concept of a clinic/gym hybrid to solve this exact problem.

It’s time to re-train the body with functional fitness!.

This is a small gym…intentionally! We want to give positive encouragement to people, provide a highly motivating environment, and be able to stay very personalized. Utilizing rehabilitative care, personal fitness, nutritional counseling, and group exercise classes, this is an optimal puzzle piece to helping you feel and perform at your peak!


The first clinic/gym hybrid in lincoln, ne

Equipping you to live life to the fullest and meeting your individual goals through rehab, strength, and fitness!


synergy fitness

We are unlike any other gym in Nebraska. Located inside of our Chiropractic Office, this personalized gym setting is the ideal environment to not only reach your fitness goals, but most importantly, learn to move safely to prevent injuries for the rest of your lifetime!

We offer personal training and memberships for unlimited group fitness classes.

We are centered around YOU!


What to expect…

The onboarding process begins with a 1-on-1 health evaluation and functional movement screen. Because of our clinic atmosphere, we want to be sure you are moving safely! Not only does this allow us to program the right fitness routine for your body, but also to understand and help re-train your weaknesses to prevent injury.

Your second visit is still a 1 on 1 consultation! Here we go through the Synergy Flagship Workout to pick the appropriate modification level. We document these baselines to compare your results when repeated!

Your third visit will be 1 on 1 as well, to coach you through proper movement of any exercise performed in our group classes. Education and safety are priorities here!

Welcome to the community of functional fitness. After 12-16 weeks of group classes, a re-evaluation is performed to mark how far you’ve come! Now you can set new goals for the future, keep up the great work!